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Back up and Restore your Hackintosh

Updating a Hackintosh always has the potential for things to go wrong, so it is always recommended to have a backup copy of your data. The safest method is to have your data backed up to a separate drive or NAS (Network Attached Storage);

Building a Hackintosh

If you are looking to build a Hackintosh and have never built a computer before, chances are you have a lot of questions. This will be a basic rundown of what components a computer needs and what components you will need should you chose

UEFI Setting for Hackintosh

Proper UEFI Settings are required when Installing a Hackintosh with Clover Bootloader or OpenCore Bootloader. UEFI and BIOS are two different terms, There is no such thing as UEFI BIOS. You can read more about that in What is UEFI.

Hackintosh Legacy BIOS Settings

When starting to install or configure a Hackintosh, you must begin with Bios configuration, without proper Bios configuration system may reboot, kernel panic or cause some other issues, this guide shows how to configure bios for a

Hackintosh EFI Drivers Explained

Since the introduction of UEFI BIOS, All Hackintosh users switched to Clover boot-loader from Chameleon. Clover has most advanced options and on-the-fly patching support. It has also some built-in drivers to enhance its functionality, They

Debugging Hackintosh

Kernel panics are terrifying errors where the kernel doesn't hang at boot, it panics. This results in a rather frighting screen shown below. If this happens, then you have a very serious problem. However, it may be fixable. The main

Benefits of a Hackintosh

Macintosh is an operating system (macOS) designed by Apple for their laptop and computer. There is a number of people who would love to have such luxurious system. As we all know, all Apple products are very expensive so only some of us can…