What is a Hackintosh

A Hackintosh is simply a computer hacked into running macOS AKA Mac OS X.

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Which operating system do you have on your laptop? Is it Windows, Linux, or macOS? All of these three are the most famous systems which people have been using all the time.

Windows is the most used of all because it is really easy to install. After all, this system is designed for all types of laptop. However, most people desire to have macOS more. It is the system specifically designed for laptop/computer by Apple.

Unfortunately, not all people can afford such an expensive item. But, if you do want the system that bad, you might need Hackintosh. What is a Hackintosh? Let’s figure it out together.

Brief Explanation about Hackintosh

Let us ask you this again. What is a Hackintosh? Previously, we said that most people want to have macOS. Due to its high demand, some developers tried to modify that OS so people can install it for non-Apple computers or laptops. And they succeeded it by creating Hackintosh.

This has become an alternative way for people to own macOS on their PC or even Windows laptop without spending a lot of money. But, is there anyone that really purchase a laptop from other brands only to use such modification? The answer is yes. In fact, there is a big amount of them which have set their own computing gadget for that purpose.

How to Install Hackintosh

Ever since Hackintosh was created, a number of people, especially those who love setting their own laptop, have applied it. But, it does not mean all people can install that easy. In the old days, they have to insert a bootloader into Hackintosh installer manually. That way took a lot of process as well as time. In present, you will not have to deal such issues

Again because there is a term called Distro. Distro is the macOS which has been patched into a DVD or Flash Disc. The special part of it is that it has been equipped along with a bootloader. Thus, now you and other community can simply plug and install the system without any unnecessary process.

If you are interested in the Distro, there have been some developers who provide it even for free. You may check out some of which like Hazard, iDeneb, iAtkos, and the latest Hackintosh Installers, etc. In the meantime, if you need a help in the installation, you can google it, and you will find many tutorials about it.

Hackintosh is certainly a big innovation which assists some of you. You can recommend it to your friends if they also have the same desire of operating system with you. If they ask, “What is a Hackintosh”, then just tell them what it is and how useful it can be. But, we must warn you one thing. This is still considered as ‘hacking’.

That’s how it got the name Hackintosh. And not all hardware is suitable with the system. You might find some problems later after the installing. Therefore, you must prepare yourself and a compatible hardware when you want to install it.

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