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Builder’s Comment

The Builder needed a fast and powerful computer for work. The Builder had a MacBook Pro for five years, and The Builder was already comfortable with OS X, but The Builder wasn’t comfortable with the prices of Pro models, which The Builder thought that The Builder needed. The old MacBook Pro started to run slow. He went with somewhat high-end and with the ones that were most compatible just to be on the safe side. This build doesn’t have any revolutionary ways to improve the guides. So there’s probably not much new with this post to add. But maybe someone gets some inspiration out of this build.

During that time He got one eMac for free. It was way too slow for anything useful. It kept a hell of a noise and weighed somewhere around 25kg/55lb. So The Builder got this crazy idea to rip it to pieces and see if The Builder manage to rebuild it with some new components. The old tube-type panel alone weighted 12kg/24lb, so The Builder managed to get the weight of the whole unit down quite a bit. The Builder had a few 17″ LCD monitors/panels lying around, and The Builder had to rip those apart, too. The first one The Builder accidentally broke, but luckily as the HP vs17 survived the process.

One CPU cooler He ordered was too big to fit so The Builder wasn’t crazy about it and assembled an even bigger one. This cute beast has been serving me well for 5 years now, and, since all the components are from 2016, it’s probably not the fastest build around anymore. My philosophy with it has been that if The Builder manages to make something work, don’t touch it anymore.

Things that work, well, pretty much everything. Even the small speakers and the small white light at the front.

Things that aren’t really working are when The Builder starts the computer, The Builder has to wait until the login screen without the LCD panel comes on, or it goes to panic loop. There’s probably an easy way to fix it, but as my philosophy goes, The Builder hasn’t bothered to look out since the nuisance is rather small. So when The Builder starts it, The Builder keeps the LCD panel off and waits for it to go to the login screen. This might have something to do with Macs not being OK with VGA. The panel is connected with DVI/VGA adapter to GTX 970. For the pictures, The Builder took a 28″ Samsung 4K monitor off the table, which The Builder use mainly, and the HP 17″ panel in the chassis mostly serves as just a second screen.

What The Builder would do otherwise. The Builder would cut some holes to chassis a little nicer, and, even though The Builder managed to fit a full ATX motherboard, it would have been easier to go with minThe Builder ATX.

Hopefully, this inspires you to build to a not-so-usual chassis, if one lands on your hands.


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