Hackintosh – How to Make USB Bootable

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Two famous Bootloaders at the moment support booting a Hackintosh, Its Clover & OpenCore. Clover basically uses OpenCore in Its Core, So Using OpenCore or Clover they do the same, Boot into macOS on a regular PC. Clover & OpenCore are UEFI Based bootloader, You must have a motherboard that supports UEFI Booting.

To make any Hackintosh Installer bootable you must find a suitable EFI folder or Make an EFI folder, You can find pre-working EFI Folders below.

Download Big Sur EFI Folders

When you have downloaded an EFI Folder, Extract it and copy the Folder EFI into the BOOTLOADER Volume.

This should make the Pen drive UEFI Bootable but you need to Configure UEFI BIOS Setting for BIOS to boot the Hackintosh Installer. If an EFI Failed, You might want to try another or edit some config of the boot loader so it can be booted into the Installer.

You can use Clover or OpenCore as the Bootloader for Hackintosh. AMD Users are preferred to use OpenCore.

If you succedded making an EFI Folder for your specific machine Please upload it in Hackintosh Community File, That might help someone with your hardware configuration.

Here is the Video Guide.

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