Find Hackintosh Internet Drivers (Ethernet & WiFi)

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Unless you are extremely lucky, you will need a kext to enable your internet. Most ethernet built into motherboards can be used, however a very small number of wifi cards are supported. If you have a prebuilt system or laptop, Most likely you will have to purchase a new wifi adapter for Hackintosh.

Wifi Cards

For a list of compatible Hackintosh wifi cards see Hackintosh Wifi
Most likely you’ll be able to use your motherboard’s built in ethernet. First, find the type of ethernet card in your motherboard. This can be found in the manual or on the manufacturer’s website.


Intel Ethernet/Lan Kexts

IntelMausi.kext for Intel Ethernet Supports the following ethernet Chipsets.

  • 5 Series
    • 82578LM
    • 82578LC
    • 82578DM
    • 82578DC
  • 6 and 7 Series
    • 82579LM
    • 82579V
  • 8 and 9 Series
    • I217LM
    • I217V
    • I218LM
    • I218V
    • I218LM2
    • I218V2
    • I218LM3
  • 100 Series
    • I219V
    • I219LM
    • I219V2
    • I219LM2
    • I219LM3
  • 200 Series
    • I219LM
    • I219V
  • 300 Series
    • I219LM
    • I219V

Download IntelMausi.kext

Atherlos Ethernet/Lan Kexts

AtherlosL1CEthernet.kext supports the following Atherlos Lan Chipset in Hackintosh.

  • AR 8131
  • AR 8132
  • AR 8151
  • AR 8152

Download AtherlosL1CEthernet.kext

Realtek Ethernet/Lan Kexts

Realtek Lan Kexts RealtekRTL8111.kext supports vast range of Realtek Ethernet Chipsets, That includes the following Device ids.

  • 0x816810ec
  • 0x81681186
  • 0x250210ec
  • 0x260010ec

Download RealtekRTL8111.kext

If you have RTL8125 then use LucyRTL8125Ethernet.kext

Download LucyRTL8125Ethernet.kext

AppleIntelE1000e.kext for Intel Ethernet kext by Hnak. This is an old kext which still works but use IntelMausi.kext instead.

Note: these are simply some of the most common ethernet kexts. If your motherboard uses a different chip for ethernet, it does not mean you can’t get it working. You will, however, have to do some research. Check out Insanelymac Downloads for kexts. Not all the drivers are listed in the downloads section, so be sure to check the forums as well.

If all else fails, you can still purchase an ethernet PCI card.

Installing the Kext

Once you have downloaded the kext, copy it to (/Library/Extensions) or and Repair Permissions & then Reboot to apply the changes.

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