NTFS Driver for Mac OS – Free

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NTFS (NT File System) is used in Windows Operating System, When you plug an external drive with NT File System on a Mac, you can read datas from the volume but macOS does not have write support for NTFS.

This is a simple method that can be used with macOS to gain read/write access to Windows NTFS on macOS.

1 Download Mounty

Download Mounty

Mounty is is a menu bar application.

2 Install Mounty and Open Mounty

Install Mounty and Open Mounty

Drag and Drop Mounty app into Applications folder and open it from LaunchPad.

3 Re-Mount Volumes from Menu Bar Icon

Re-Mount Volumes from Menu Bar Icon

From Menu Bar Icon, Mount NTFS Volume as writeable.

4 Fact to Consider

Fact to Consider

NTFS does not play well with macOS. You have to Safe Eject Volume from Finder, Otherwise the volume may become un-mountable with macOS.

You might have to plugin on a Windows computer to Fix and Repair volume. You can not use Mounty to Erase a Volume as NTFS with Disk Utility.

You have to use alternative paid drivers like Paragon NTFS to gain additional Access.

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