Applications for macOS

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After installing macOS, you might want to install a few Applications for your Computer to tweak macOS.


1 LittleSnitch

Little Snitch is an awesome privacy protector cause, It monitors all apps that are using your internet connection. You can deny and allow internet access to apps if you wish to, this saves a lot of bandwidth and you can track apps that might be spying on you.


2 MBBench

MBBench is an application to monitor the real-time speed of Your disk or Flash drive (SSD, HDD, USB Speeds)

Desktop Utility

3 Desktop Utility

Desktop Utility is a very useful Application to deal with hidden files, easily Show Hide, Hidden files, Desktop and Your ~/Library folder and also you can hide your Desktop icons too.

Mplayer OS X Extended

4 Mplayer OS X Extended

I prefer Mplayer OS X Extended to Play videos on Mac Instead of
VLC, QuickTime doesn’t support MKV, AVI Files.


5 Flux

Well, Macs doesn’t support Night-mode(Before Sierra), Save your eyes for later Install Flux, A must needed application has features better than Apple’s built-in Night Shift mode, Flux has features like movie mode, temporarily disable, color effects and etc.

The UnArchiver

6 The UnArchiver

Because Archive Utility is not enough, not enough to extract RAR files.



Another Good Audio/Video/Media player for macOS, because QuickTime doesn’t work well with many files.

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