Debugging Hackintosh

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Kernel panics are terrifying errors where the kernel doesn’t hang at boot, it panics. This results in a rather frighting screen shown below.

If this happens, then you have a very serious problem. However, it may be fixable. The main reasons for this happening are incompatible CPU’s and Bios settings, incompatible graphics or DSDT/config.plist errors. In this case, you’d want to double check all your components and settings. Googling ‘[part name] Hackintosh’ is generally a good start.

If you narrow it down to graphics card issues, you may want to do the initial installation on integrated graphics. You can then add and debug the graphics card later.

If your computer kernel panic after booting for a while, you may have an issue with a higher function. If this is the case, you should see some grey text output behind the kernel panic dialogue. This is like a verbose output. You can use it to figure out what went wrong. If you cannot make heads or tails of the output or do not have the experience to understand it, Googling each line could provide you with an answer if it is a common problem.

Asking The Right Questions

A lot of times, especially if you are new to Hackintoshing you may need to ask for help. Regardless of the site, there are a few things you can do to make it easier and more likely for people to help you.

Post your specs. Nearly every problem in Hackintoshing relates to the hardware, so specs are necessary for anyone to help you.

Try basic boot flags. The generic ones listed above -v, -x and npci should all be tried in general situations, and if you see one that relates to your problem, give it a shot.

Post verbose or kernel panic output. If your computer panicked or hung, no one can really help without this.

Another simple thing to do when faced with these issues is to educate yourself. You can google most Hackintosh related things, read all posts from this blog, all of my Hackintosh knowledge has come from internet research.

How to Fix If you are stuck in Language Chooser Menu

Sometimes in very rare case you may end up stuck in Language Chooser menu of macOS Installer, or even after Installation to fix it…
Boot with -s (Single User Mode)
After few seconds you will be stopped in a terminal like verbose log

just type the following command to bypass language chooser

nvram prev-lang:kbd=en:0

The above is the easiest step but if you want an alternative method edit your Clover Config.plist to resemble the following lines.

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