Hackintosh Mini – ITX Build – GIGABYTE MotherBoard Z390 I AORUS PRO WiFi – i9 9900K

This build is by benmingli, This is his first mini-ITX build. The reason he wanted to build a mITX is he wanted a more compact form factor, yet powerful mac to use. He has spent a months on finalising his decision.

He has tried top-loaded 2018 Mac mini, 2017 iMac Does not work. So he went ahead and ordered the hardware list and plan to work on it during Christmas time.

Hardware Components

1 Graphics card

Graphics card

The Builder don’t game but in the same he doesn’t want to use onboard graphic. This RX 570 is best for the buck on the market.

2 Case


The Thermaltake Core V1 Mini ITX Cube is best you can find that offers both small form and plenty of room inside the case. Well designed inside out.

3 Monitor


Builder is a fan of Dell monitors and IPS. No regret buying the UltraSharp u3219q. So clear and crispy.

4 Motherboard


Based on everything I’d read, He has seen people succeed in most Gigabyte Aorus Pro Z370 boards so I’m pretty confident that he can make it work on a Aorus Pro Z370 I pro wifi, which is the mini-ITX board.



It may seem crazy to spend $800 on a CPU, but He plan to keep the build LONG (this time) so He opt for the i9 9900K

6 Heatsink & Fans

Heatsink & Fans

He wanted a quiet build so He chose Noctua NH-C14S, known to be quite powerful.

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