Hack Pro | i9-9900K | Z390 Aorus Pro | Dual Vega 64

This is a Hackintosh Desktop with 9th Generation Intel Coffee Lake Processor featuring LGA-1151 Sockets. Intel i9-9900K has 8 cores and 16 threads this along with 64GB RAM & Dual AMD VEGA 64 Graphics Cards making this Hackintosh build as a Beast.

Parts | Hackintosh Buyers Guide

How it Looks Like?

Hackintosh i9-9900K Z390 Aorus Pro Dual Vega 64 Inside
Inside of Hack Pro | i9-9900K | Z390 Aorus Pro | Dual Vega 64
Hackintosh i9-9900K Z390 Aorus Pro Dual Vega 64 Outside
Outer Casing of Hack Pro | i9-9900K | Z390 Aorus Pro | Dual Vega 64

Hackintosh Installation Guide for Hack Pro | i9-9900K | Z390 Aorus Pro | Dual Vega 64

Change BIOS Settings

  • Load Optimized Defaults
  • LAN PXE Boot Option ROM : Disabled
  • Storage Boot Option Control : UEFI
  • Peripherals → Trusted Computing → Security Device Support : Disabled
  • Peripherals → Network Stack Configuration → Network Stack : Disabled
  • Peripherals → USB Configuration → Legacy USB Support : Auto
  • Peripherals → USB Configuration → XHCI Hand-off : Enabled
  • Chipset → Vt-d : Disabled
  • Chipset → Wake on LAN Enable : Disabled
  • Chipset → IOAPIC 24-119 Entries : Enabled

AMD Vega GPU Fan Speed fix by Preparing VegaTab_64.kext

Open VGTab-en app.
Select Vega 64 (if this page comes up blank try reloading the app)
Target Speed : 4900
Target Temperature : 55
Note: You can adjust all of these settings to your wish later, but this is recommended.
Select Generate Control Information (this will output VegaTab_64.kext to your desktop)​.

Prepare USB Installer with UniBeast for Mojave

Make some minor modifications to USB EFI Partition using Clover Configurator

* Open USB Stick EFI Partition, navigate to EFI/CLOVER/ Drag config.plist onto Clover Configurator app icon to open

System Parameters → Inject Kexts : Yes
SMBIOS → Product Name : iMac18,3
Boot → Verbose : Enable
Rt Variables → CsrActiveConfig : 0x67

Close Clover Configurator, select “OK” if warning dialog for permanent volume storage​

* Add a few kexts to the USB Stick EFI Partition → EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other Folder Lilu.kext, Whatevergreen.kext & VegaTab_64.kext (the file output from VGTab_en app)

* Create “Post Installation” Folder on your USB stick main partition and add a few things
Clover Configurator app

Install Mojave

  • Restart
  • Hold F12 during BIOS to enter boot menu
  • Select your USB Stick EFI
  • When installer boots, enter Disk Utility and format “Erase” the SSD. Choose the recommended filesystem option (Journaled)
  • Exit Disk Utility
  • Install Mac OS X
  • The computer may restart several times during Installation when it restart on Clover Menu select your main SSD hard drive during the boot sequence.​

Copy EFI from USB Stick to Main Hard drive

  • Open Clover Configurator on your USB stick main Partition
  • Mount EFI → SSD → Mount Partition
  • Mount EFI → SSD → Open Partition
  • Mount EFI → USB Stick → Mount Partition
  • Mount EFI → USB Stick → Open Partition
  • Copy and Replace the entire contents from the USB Stick EFI volume to the SSD EFI Volume.

Post Install

  • Install FayTun USB Wireless Adapter drivers
  • Restart

What Works

  • Graphics
  • Built in ethernet
  • Audio (AppleALC.kext)
  • Sleep and Shutdown

Benchmark Results

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  1. Carlos Chicad

    You can sell to me this machine?

    1. Hackintosh

      Selling a Hackintosh is illegal, you can buy parts from the links given above and assemble the same machine yourself.

  2. Aires Silva

    Works with GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO “WI-FI VERSION” Motherboard?? thanks

    1. Hackintosh

      Yes, basically they share the same chipset, WiFi may not work, it depends on the WiFi chipset, If you could list your lspci output, i can try to figure out if it could work or not.

  3. Sony sharma

    My age old gtx660 gives 103 score in opengl in Sierra. And this dual Vegas can’t cross the 200. Why?

    1. Hackintosh

      Yes this is a limitation due to default macOS kexts, i used to get 2600+ FP/s with Open GL Extension viewer but with Mojave & RX 580 I’m getting just 1200+
      You may have to tweak your VEGA Card with the help of this article.

  4. Pius777

    Can you attach you whole EFI on this article? Thank you. 🙂

    1. Hackintosh

      Attached to original article 🙂

  5. Marc

    Price for this build?

    1. Hackintosh

      Price might differ, You can check the price by checking out each amazon links.

  6. Joel



    1. Hackintosh


  7. noomninam

    How different would the BIOS tweaks and other details be if my hardware is almost identical to yours, but I’m installing Catalina?

    1. macOS

      Once the BIOS is setup its same for future versions of MacOS.

  8. aorus

    Gigabyte aorus master z390 is this good for hackintosh

    1. macOS