Hack Pro | i9-9900K | Z390 Aorus Pro | Dual Vega 64

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This is a Hackintosh Desktop with 9th Generation Intel Coffee Lake Processor featuring LGA-1151 Sockets. Intel i9-9900K has 8 cores and 16 threads this along with 64GB RAM & Dual AMD VEGA 64 Graphics Cards making this Hackintosh build as a Beast.

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How it Looks Like?

Hackintosh i9-9900K Z390 Aorus Pro Dual Vega 64 Inside
Inside of Hack Pro | i9-9900K | Z390 Aorus Pro | Dual Vega 64
Hackintosh i9-9900K Z390 Aorus Pro Dual Vega 64 Outside
Outer Casing of Hack Pro | i9-9900K | Z390 Aorus Pro | Dual Vega 64

Hackintosh Installation Guide for Hack Pro | i9-9900K | Z390 Aorus Pro | Dual Vega 64

Change BIOS Settings

  • Load Optimized Defaults
  • LAN PXE Boot Option ROM : Disabled
  • Storage Boot Option Control : UEFI
  • Peripherals → Trusted Computing → Security Device Support : Disabled
  • Peripherals → Network Stack Configuration → Network Stack : Disabled
  • Peripherals → USB Configuration → Legacy USB Support : Auto
  • Peripherals → USB Configuration → XHCI Hand-off : Enabled
  • Chipset → Vt-d : Disabled
  • Chipset → Wake on LAN Enable : Disabled
  • Chipset → IOAPIC 24-119 Entries : Enabled

AMD Vega GPU Fan Speed fix by Preparing VegaTab_64.kext

Open VGTab-en app.
Select Vega 64 (if this page comes up blank try reloading the app)
Target Speed : 4900
Target Temperature : 55
Note: You can adjust all of these settings to your wish later, but this is recommended.
Select Generate Control Information (this will output VegaTab_64.kext to your desktop)​.

Prepare USB Installer with UniBeast for Mojave

Make some minor modifications to USB EFI Partition using Clover Configurator

* Open USB Stick EFI Partition, navigate to EFI/CLOVER/ Drag config.plist onto Clover Configurator app icon to open

System Parameters → Inject Kexts : Yes
SMBIOS → Product Name : iMac18,3
Boot → Verbose : Enable
Rt Variables → CsrActiveConfig : 0x67

Close Clover Configurator, select “OK” if warning dialog for permanent volume storage​

* Add a few kexts to the USB Stick EFI Partition → EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other Folder Lilu.kext, Whatevergreen.kext & VegaTab_64.kext (the file output from VGTab_en app)

* Create “Post Installation” Folder on your USB stick main partition and add a few things
Clover Configurator app

Install Mojave

  • Restart
  • Hold F12 during BIOS to enter boot menu
  • Select your USB Stick EFI
  • When installer boots, enter Disk Utility and format “Erase” the SSD. Choose the recommended filesystem option (Journaled)
  • Exit Disk Utility
  • Install Mac OS X
  • The computer may restart several times during Installation when it restart on Clover Menu select your main SSD hard drive during the boot sequence.​

Copy EFI from USB Stick to Main Hard drive

  • Open Clover Configurator on your USB stick main Partition
  • Mount EFI → SSD → Mount Partition
  • Mount EFI → SSD → Open Partition
  • Mount EFI → USB Stick → Mount Partition
  • Mount EFI → USB Stick → Open Partition
  • Copy and Replace the entire contents from the USB Stick EFI volume to the SSD EFI Volume.

Post Install

  • Install FayTun USB Wireless Adapter drivers
  • Restart

What Works

  • Graphics
  • Built in ethernet
  • Audio (AppleALC.kext)
  • Sleep and Shutdown

Benchmark Results

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