Benefits of a Hackintosh

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Macintosh is an operating system (macOS) designed by Apple for their laptop and computer. There is a number of people who would love to have such luxurious system. As we all know, all Apple products are very expensive so only some of us can afford it. Not to mention, the system is only available on their items. Thankfully, due to the improvement in technology, some developers managed to create Hackintosh. We now can set any kinds of laptop to have Mac OS X. Besides that, there are some other reasons why go for a Hackintosh which will convince you to utilize it.

1 It Is Cheaper

Like we said before, Apple products like iMac demand a large amount of money. Hence, it is impossible to purchase such computer. But, it will not be a matter anymore if we use Hackintosh. We can simply buy a cheap laptop and then install the OS to it. As a result, we can save more money for other needs. Furthermore, some suppliers even sell laptops which have Hackintosh support. That makes everything a lot more practical.

2 It Has Interesting Display

After using Hackintosh, you will realize that the display of our laptop has changed, and it is absolutely a good change. Apple is known for their insteresting theme pack on their operating system. Now we can own that theme on other kinds gadget.

3 Many Cool Apps are Available

Macintosh is well-known for their apps particularly for editor use. For example, there are iPhoto, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and so on. We can only get those apps via Mac OS. Once you have set your laptop with Hackintosh, you will have a chance to own some amazing apps for Apple.

4 Free to Choose Any PC Components

It is not a new thing anymore that Mac users are only able to upgrade a few of their PC components. In contrast, Hackintosh users can do a lot of upgrades on their components. What’s even better is that they can choose any kinds of them. So it is up to you if you want to pick the ones with higher quality than Mac’s or simply average.

5 Free to Modify PC Specifications

Besides choosing and upgrading the components, you can also modify the PC specifications. It is applicable as long as it is Hackintosh supported. With this program, you can modify your PC with higher specs than iMac which could cost you so much money. That will make your PC becoming more superior than the original one.

6 You Got Mac

What can possibly make people happier than owning one Mac for each. By installing Hackintosh, now you can change your ordinary laptop into one computing system with top quality like Apple. The best part of it is your bank account is still safe and sound.

Looking at these reasons why go for a Hackintosh is cheap and really easy to install. Now most kind of laptop is like the ‘real Mac’.

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