Best Hackintosh Laptops of 2017 – 2018

Hackintosh Compatible Laptops Model Year: 2017 & 2018

Most of these laptops will work flawlessly with macOS, when you use macOS as your primary operating system, compatible hardwares are required to make a Hackintosh, Here are some best Laptops which can be Hackintoshed

Suggestion list of Hackintosh compatible Laptops

These Laptops will work as a Hackintosh that you can use in a Production environment.

1 Dell XPS 15 9550


  • The laptop has an Exceptional performance with Hacktintosh.
  • No integration issues.
  • Mesmerizing speed.
  • Multiple options.
  • Extendable Ram.
  • Easy to use.



  • Bios must be unlocked for integrated graphics.
  • Problematic SD card reader.
  • Wireless Card problems.

Dell XPS 15 9550 Hackintosh Guide

2 Lenovo Ideapad U430


  • Multiple model options.
  • Decent powerhouse.
  • macOS Support.
  • Long battery time.
  • User-friendly.
  • Easy to use.


  • Function keys lag.
  • Audio issues.
  • Slow WIFI.

Lenovo Ideapad U430 Hackintosh Guide

3 Lenovo G50-70


  • Built for Apple/Mac computers.
  • Works great and syncs perfectly with Time Machine.
  • Easy to hook and easy to use even for the iMac.
  • Cable is not unnecessarily long or too short.
  • Transfer speed is very satisfying.
  • Slim, sleek, fast, light and easy to operate.



  • The adapter has some functionality problems.
  • The security feature is lacking proper operation.
  • Data is not private and can be accessed by other entities.


Lenovo G50-70 Hackintosh Guide 

4 Asus Zenbook UX305FA


  • Thin and light aluminum construction.
  • Comfortable keyboard and touchpad.
  • Exceptional display.
  • Upgradable RAM.
  • Long battery life.
  • Fanless design.


  • Wifi does not work on OS X.
  • No built-in dedicated GPU.
  • Disappointing speakers.
  • No touchscreen.


Asus Zenbook UX305FA Hackintosh Installation Guide


5 Acer Aspire E5-571P




  • Continuous working does not make it warm.
  • The hard drive can be upgraded.
  • RAM can be upgraded.
  • Has a large hard drive.
  • Long battery life.
  • Cheap in price.


  • Dim or very light displaying screen.
  • Magnet fingerprint on display.
  • Wifi Connectivity problems.


Acer Aspire E5-571P Hackintosh Guide

6 Lenovo Z50-70




  • Protection against fingerprints.
  • Doesn’t get heat up quickly.
  • Maintainability is excellent.
  • Variety of configurations.
  • No apparent flaws.
  • Fast CPU.


  • Lettering of some keys is hard to see.
  • The screen is not excellent.


Lenovo Z50-70 Hackintosh Guide 

7 Dell Inspiron 15 7559



  • Laptop Does not get heat up even while gaming.
  • Multiple connectivity ports.
  • Good hard disk space.
  • Fast processor.
  • Great display.
  • Stylish.



  • Screen brightness is below average.
  • Not covers all of sRGB.


Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Hackintosh Guide

8 Lenovo Y50-70




  • No temperature or noise issues.
  • Keyboard comfortable to use.
  • Understandable style.
  • Smooth keyboard.
  • Fast performance.
  • Solid processor.




  • Display not too bright, rather dim.
  • Quickly heats up while gaming.
  • Battery life not so great.


Lenovo Y50-70 Hackintosh Guide

  • Design
  1. sorin says

    Can you post a guide for xps 15? Thanks!

    1. Hackintosh says

      Well it is already posted in article

  2. mohamed Zkaria says

    Can you sir upload you EFI Partation I have similar laptop Lenovo ideated 700
    i7-6700hq with turboboost 3.5
    ram 8GB DDR4
    Intel HD 530 With NVIDIA GeFroce 960M 4GB DDR5
    128 GB NVME SSD+ 1TB HDD
    15.6 inch Full HD 1920×1080

  3. Macke says

    Anyone know IF i Can make a hakintosh with a HP z420 workstation?
    And Can tell How i do this?

    Thank you!

    1. Hackintosh says

      It depends on the configuration, Post full hardware specs.

  4. Michael says

    I need to know how to install Hackintosh on HP 745 G5 and HP 840 G5 please

    1. Hackintosh says

      Google has everything, Try this hackintosh guide about installing mojave

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