How Much Money Can a Hackintosh Save You?

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Hackintosh is Hacking macOS to install and run on a Normal computer.

Why Hackintosh?
Cheap, Yes macs are Over Priced, You can build a Powerful Hackintosh for a cheap decent amount of money.
People love macOS because macOS is like a mixture of Linux and Windows, macOS has all necessary Softwares like windows has and very powerful like Linux (Free from virus, etc…), macOS are Unix based.

How much can a Hackintosh Save You?
40%-60% of the money that you would spend on a Mac.

The pros of building a Hackintosh:

  • Hackintoshes can be completely custom built from the parts chosen by the user.
  • Hackintoshes can be much less expensive than a regular Mac.
  • A Hackintosh can have a much more powerful video card than the ones included in Apple’s Macs, thus making Hackintoshes perfect for gamers.
  • Building a Hackintosh can teach users quite a lot about how their computers work.

The cons of building a Hackintosh:

  • macOS might be somewhat challenging to install and configure on some Hackintosh computers.
  • Drivers can be an issue for Hackintosh machines. (Unless you buy from this website)
  • Updating macOS can sometimes also be a problem, depending on the Hackintosh computer you build. (Unless you buy from this website)

That is why we made, where all confirmed working Hackintosh parts are listed with Buyer’s Guide for Hackintosh.

Source MacBreaker Reddit CIO
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